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Not accepting any new Clients at this time

Due to long waiting times for booking I am not taking in any new clientele to provide better care for my regulars. I apologize for the inconvenience. Contact me if you would like to be placed on a wait list for when the waiting time has reduced.



With the new Guidelines come a lot of change in addition with restrictions to regular Massage Therapy. Please know that these are implemented for the safety and well being of not only you individually but for all my other clients and myself, so I ask that everyone abide and respect them.

Please note that should the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Manitoba spike the Provincial Government may close our Businesses again.

You will be required to sign a Consent Form in order to receive Therapeutic services at Remedial Fix Massage Therapies until further notice.

See Consent Form

*New Booking Procedure*

  1. According to guidelines every client needs to get screened before being able to make an appointment. The questions can be found on the Shared Health website

    If you’re booking via email, text, or WhatsApp I ask that you first complete this self screening test and take a screenshot of proof and send it to me, otherwise I will be asking you all of the questions beforehand myself. The screening tool will let you know whether you should get tested for COVID-19, if that should be the case you can not make an appointment at this time.
    If you try to make an appointment over a phone call, I will also first ask the same questions.
    Many of you are aware of the poor reception where I live, so if possible, please try to get in contact with me via WhatsApp.
    Online Booking is currently unavailable.

  2. The waiting room will not be accessible. Due to the waiting rooms furniture being fabric, we are unable to sufficiently disinfect it between clients.
    Clients will be asked to wait in their cars and will be picked up at the door at the time of the appointment. Please refrain from knocking on the door if it’s not your scheduled time yet, you may text me if you wish to let me know you arrived.
    Family or friends may not wait in the room or waiting area, they must either wait in the car or leave and then come back to pick you up.
    (The only exception being for support persons, which will also have to go through screening. (max. of one support person per client))
    I will be providing every client with Hand sanitizer before entering the clinic.
    Please refrain from touching any unnecessary surfaces.  

  3. As mentioned in my previous update, some services will not be available for the time being. Please refer to this list to ensure that the service you wished to receive is not among them » See List

    Please refrain from leaving your clothes and personal belongings on the floor or desk, and either leave them on the chair or the provided basked.

Text/Phone: 1-204-384-5120 (Please call within Business Hours and refrain from calling on the Weekend. Use Email instead.)


Some additional things to note before making an appointment:

  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19 you need to provide a document of proof from the Doctor that states that you have fully recovered before being able to book an appointment.

  • To meet the proper cleaning and disinfecting standards the interval times between appointments will be larger and thus will be decreasing the amount of appointments available in a day.

  • Scent Alert! Due to the additional cleaning procedures I am expecting the scent to linger more, so for those individuals who are sensitive to scents, you may want to consider postponing your treatment for a while longer.

  • If you have been outside the Province (except western Canada and the Territories) you need to self-isolate for 2 weeks prior to making an appointment.

Please note that Clients who do not cooperate with the safety guidelines or disregard other people’s safety by means of negligence of the safety precautions, may be asked to leave and/or will not be provided with services in the future.



Whether you have aches and pains that bother you or just need a time-out from everyday stresses of life, you can pick what treatment you need today.
Hi my Name is Jessika Betke and I believe that there are more solutions to pain and aches than pills and surgeries. Let me help you find a solution that works for you.


60min or 90min

An escape from the stresses of life. Relaxation massage is more focused on controlling tension in the muscles and to help flush your deeper tissues. It is a nice maintenance tool as we can detect issues before they start to bother you. 
Relaxation Massage is a nice introductory for individuals who try massage for the first time.


60min or 90min

The standard therapeutic Massage. We work on fixing dysfunctions whether those be a recent fall, repetitive work injury, an accident in the past or just excessive tension in your muscles.
Even if an injury has become Chronic, we can still help with the pain and work on improving your quality of life.



Indian Head Massage is a seated and fully clothed Massage. It focuses on full arms, Upper Back, Shoulders, Neck, Scalp and Face. 
Effective for promoting healthy Hair and releasing tension in the Upper body. It is a more relaxing massage that is ideal for individuals who are shy and/or self conscious.



In Cranial Therapy we work on more than just the Skull. In this treatment we first check whether your sacrum is in proper alignment, work our way up all along the spine and the ensure that the different cranial bones are moving properly in sync.
If you're suffering from headaches and pain this may be something you'd like to try.



Temporomandibular joint(Jaw) issues are some of the most common dysfunctions found. Along with Whiplash injuries, these can cause Chronic headaches. Some indications that you have a TMJ dysfunction are: clicking of the jaw, restriction when opening/closing mouth, easily tire from chewing and/or if you're grinding your teeth.
Whiplash complications can show up long after the initial injury. Don't wait for them to show up, have it checked today.



In this massage we will be focusing on upper back, shoulders, pecs, ribs, abdomen and of course the breast tissue itself. This massage requires an additional consent form to be signed. We will go over the treatment plan in depth prior to starting the massage so that you know exactly what to expect and you can of course withdraw your consent at any time and we will only work on what we previously agreed on and you are still ok with. Ask me about the benefits of breast massage and any questions you might have about this, I will be happy to explain.

Every Client is required to fill out a Personal Health History form that we will go over with together. We perform screening tests and different assessments to get to the root of your complaints.


"Some people cannot be cured, but everyone can heal.”

by Unkown



For your convenience there is a book online option with all our currently available appointments. If you require a massage more urgently please contact me and we will place you on the cancellation list or open up extra times for Emergency appointments.

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For best efficiency please text me or contact me via Signal. I'll get back to you as fast as possible.
Cell: 1-204-384-5120
Jessika Betke RMT

Tuesday & Wednesday: 3:00pm - 9:00pm

Thursday & Friday: 11:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday - Monday: Closed



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